Intensive Private Class

Our Private Class is a one-to-one class designed to let you experience the fully English environment intensively. The tutor will lead you in accordance with your level of English and what you might want to focus on. The teaching method is flexible and interactive, hence you will enjoy learning the materials and developing your speaking skill. We will provide textbook(s) as your guidance for your lessons as well.




We provide customizable learning programs that are tailored to your needs. Recognizing that learning styles and paces differ, our teams create personalized education plans featuring one on one student and teacher interaction. Here are the most common course taken by our existing students.

Course 1 - Dynamic Public Speaking Skill

This course is designed to help speakers at all levels. If you are nervous about public speaking, this is for you! We have always been helping nervous novice speakers grow into confident communicators. We slowly work up specific skills that you can practise multiple times before putting together a longer speech.
This course focuses on 4 modules:
1.English Pronunciation and Vocal Techniques
2. Informative Speaking Techniques
3. Strategic and Motivational Languages
4. Facial Expressions and Body Language

Learning outcomes:
1. Use learned public speaking skills in order to present an effective and efficient message.
2. Incorporate research, sound reasoning and evidence that support claims made in presentations of speeches.
3. Demonstrate critical thinking skill both as speakers and listeners.
4. Adapt presentations to the audience based on situational, demographics and psychological audience analysis.
5. Explain the basic principles of communication, and apply selected theories of rhetoric and/or communication.

Course 2 - Academic English Writing Skill

The skill taught in this course will empower you to succeed in any college-level course or professional field. You'll learn to express your ideas clearly in an academic format. There are four modules to complete:
1. Academic Use of Grammar and Vocabulary
2. Essay Writing
3. Report Writing
4. Revising, Editing and Proofreading

Learning outcomes:
1. Understand paragraph and various patterns of essay organisation
2. Able to develop ideas with specific and factual details
3. Use quotation, paraphrases and summaries to quote the work of others
4. Understand academic in-text citation and referencing to avoid committing plagiarism
5. Understand and use different types of sentence patterns to create a smooth flow in writing
6. Understand common and regular sentence errors to achieve clarity in writing

Course 3 - Business English for Professionals

This specialization is designed to teach you to communicate effectively in English in professional contexts. You will expand your English vocabulary, improve your ability to write and speak in English in both social and professional interactions, and learn terminology and skills that you can apply to business negotiations, telephone conversations, written reports and emails, and professional presentations.
1. Business English : Networking Skills, Writing Emails
2. Business English : Writing Proposals, Reports
3. Business English : Making Presentations

Course 4 - Basic English Commnunication Skill

This course includes intensive work on listening, speaking, writing, reading as well as doing presentations. If you are still struggling with daily English conversation and would like to speak English with ease and confidence, this course is very recommended for you!
1. Pronunciation and Listening Skill
2. English Grammar and Vocabulary Use
3. Speaking Activities

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Apply English to basic everyday situations
2. make use of simple information such as announcements, instructions, directions
3. Apply the use of basic English grammar
4. read and write simple common messages and texts

Commitment - 40 meetings of study (5 months), 1 1/2 hour per meeting. Class meets 2 a week.






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