EXXION ENGLISH TUITION or EET ENGLISH COURSE is a West Jakarta-based English learning centre, founded in 2009 by two passionate English teachers Ms. Livia Elshynta and Ms. Valiant Yurinah.

EET operates a learning system where all participants have the equal opportunity to improve their English as well as communication skills. We believe that an effective learning system gives freedom and positive reinforcement to people to explore their own linguistic ability and to put into practice. This learning system has so far brought a number of success stories.




How EET was first established

EET started in a small 3-metre square classroom on the demand of the college students who were eager to improve their English skill, with Ms. Livia as the tutor.

When and where EET was first established

EET first operated in 2009. The location was at Kemanggisan, Jakarta Barat, 5-minute walk from Syahdan and Anggrek campuses.

How many students were in one class in 2009

When EET first started, there were only 2 students in one class.

The youngest student ever studied here

There is a kid called Daro, a 6-year-old kid. He has been taking English class here since 2016. He is now in English Primary 1.

The oldest student ever studied here

There was a 47-year-old lady. She took Pre Starter level in 2014. Her enthusiasm of learning was two-thumbs up.

The English program which has been the most popular since 2009

The most popular program is General English for Adults (Pre Starter, Starter, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate levels). The participants are mostly young adults and adults, aged 17 - 40.




EET (Exxion Engish Tuition) was founded by Ms. Livia and Ms. Valiant in 2009. They have been the most passionate English teachers, whose dedication and commitment are unquestionable.
Their approach is through interactive learning method and is designed to challenge and inspire students.
This approach develops one's strong communication skills and the ability to make sense of the language quickly, while improving one's self-confident skill.

Ms. Livia

13 years of Experience
Specialization : Speaking and Presentation Skill, Public Speaking Skill, Academic Writing Skill

Ms. Valiant

10 years of Experience
Specialization : Speaking and Presentation Skill, Public Speaking Skill, Teaching Children Skill



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