Progress 1
This video shows the student's progress in the first 2 months in Basic Conversational English (a complete course for beginners)
Progress 2
Having completed Basic Conversation, she went on taking Intermediate Conversational English. As you can see, she shows a significant improvement. She speaks more fluently in this video than in the first video.
Progress 3
She then carried on taking Business English Communication. This video shows that she can present her ideas confidently.



Adult Conversational English program is designed to improve English communication skills. This program particularly places great importance on pronunciation, listening, speaking as well as grammar and vocabulary skills. Therefore, at the end of the course, students will gain significant improvement in their speaking skills.

*If you think you are struggling with speaking English, this program is strongly recommended for you!

Wish to find a place where you can practise speaking English? This program provides full English environment. Classes here are conducted fully in English.
Worry about the quality of the teachers? Each of our teachers has at least 10 years of teaching experiences. Their dedication to teaching is two thumbs up.
Typically in a class, you don't get the chance to speak? This is not the case here. This course offers students plenty of opportunities to speak English.
Would like to practise your English more intensively? This course provides a number of challenging speaking activities, which help students communicate in English more actively.
Been in confident crisis for some time when speaking English? Have your confidence boosted today!
With our learning approaches, you will surely love hearing yourself speaking English and gradually get more confident than ever.



The Adult Conversational English program consists of two compulsory courses:
-Basic Conversational English for Beginners
-Intermediate Conversational English

Basic Conversational English Intermediate Conversational English
Do you find it difficult to understand and to speak English?
This course is specially designed for beginners.
It offers a complete course of basic grammar, vocabulary,
pronunciation, listening and speaking skills.
At the end of the course, you will be able to :
- Respond with ease in everyday conversations
- Communicate fluently in everyday conversations
Do you wish to to be able to express opinions, thoughts
and ideas in English?
This course provides a range of speaking activities which
help you master a higher level of English fluency.
At the end of the course, you will be able to :
- Give opinions in English with ease
- Discuss and give arguments in English spontaneously
- Present ideas in English with confidence
Basic Conversational English
Commitment : 120 sessions (3 sessions/week)
Duration/session : 1 1/2 hour (90 minutes)
Interview and Consultation are necessary (Free of Charge)
Intermediate Conversational English
Commitment : 96 sessions (3 sessions/week)
Duration/session : 1 1/2 hour (90 minutes)
Interview and Consultation are necessary

To enroll in conversation program, an interview with the instructor is required.
Click here to make an appointment in advance.

Have questions regarding this program? Feel free to ask here.

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