What students say?

In the past I couldn't speak English well, even I didn't know how to read the text. But with EET, I have become more confident in speaking English to any people and also my pronunciation is much better than before. Thanks EET for providing such a good English environment and also for supporting me to learn English.
Tony - General English (Pre Starter - Starter - Intermediate Level)
a student at Binus University
Before I studied at EET, my English was hopeless. I couldn't speak English at all. I didn't know how to use grammar and vocabulary that I'd known - even the simple ones. Then I got a recommendation from my friend that there is an English course (EET) so I decided to take a class there. And after a few years at EET, I can not only speak English but also do presentations confidently. EET is a very great place for you who wants to improve your English. There is a great tutor with years of experience. Overall, you won't regret taking classes at EET.
Jasmanto - General English (Pre Starter - Starter - Intermediate Level)
a student at Binus University
Studying at EET for a few years is such an unforgettable experience. The tutors have high motivation and passion to build students' confidence. Study has never been this fun before! Prepare yourself for the future? Let's start with EET!
Aprilia Chayadi - General English (Starter - Intermediate - Upper Intermediate)
a student at Binus University
Aprilia Chayadi
Veronica Fortunata
When I studied in EET, I learned a lot, grammar, speaking skill, listening, etc. However, the most memorable one is the courage to leave my comfort zone in developing my English. Having a good skill in English will make you feel confident indeed, but you can not stop in challenging yourself to improve it, and encourage others to do the same is what EET taught me. Keep up the good work. Thank you EET :D
Veronica Fortunata - General English (Intermediate - Upper Intermediate Level)
a student at Binus University
I started studying at EET when I was 12. I knew nothing about English. At first I was ashamed because I was the youngest one but ms. Livia taught me patiently. Then after 2 years, my English skill increased very much and now I can speak English much better than I did before! thanks to EET & Ms. Livia!
Rifa Amaliah - General English (Pre Starter - Starter - Intermediate Level)
a student of SMA Negeri 78
Rifa Amaliah
Tommy Junius Felix
I studied in EET for 2,5 years, I realize that nowadays English is very important, because it's the official language in a large number of countries. I joined EET because I wanted to improve my English. At first, I didn't really know about EET, but when I joined EET, I really loved to study here - professional and friendly teachers, the teaching method, and the environment made me really comfortable in EET. I remember the first time I joined EET, my English was really poor, I wasn't brave enough to speak English, but 2,5 years at EET has changed me. Now my English has improved so much. And the most important is EET helped me to boost my confidence when speaking English!! And it's not only person to person conversation, but also in public!! Before I joined EET, I ever studied English in other places, but from all of them I put EET on the top. Seriously, I really enjoyed my time in EET.
Tommy Junius Felix - General English (Starter - Intermediate - Upper Intermediate Level)
a salesman at Paramount Land
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