EXXION ENGLISH TUITION or EET ENGLISH COURSE is a West Jakarta-based English learning centre, founded in 2009 by two passionate English teachers Ms. Livia Elshynta and Ms. Valiant Yurinah.

For more than 10 years, EET operates an effective learning system where all participants have the equal opportunity to improve their English as well as communication skills. We believe, with the right approaches and dedicated teachers, students are able to explore and develop their English skills. This learning system has so far brought a number of success stories.




Conversational English

An English speaking program for non-native learners of English, which provides full English environment and confident leverage approach of learning with the guidance of experienced English teachers.

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Business English Communication

A business English program for non-native speakers of English to develop English language and communication skills for the workplace, doing business, and cross-cultural understanding.

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IELTS Preparation

IELTS Preparation Class includes strategies for approaching IETLS tasks as well as intensive work on listening, speaking, reading, dan writing skill.

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TOEFL Preparation

Toefl Preparation Class includes intensive learning on listening, speaking, writing, reading as well as the strategies in doing the TOEFL Test.

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Intensive Private

One-on-one class designed to let you experience the full English environment intensively and develop English skills in accordance with your level of English.

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English Primary Program

An interactive English learning program for children aged 6 - 11. Learn to speak and write in English with confidence and ease.

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English Secondary Program

An English learning program for teenagers. Improve speaking skill. Familiarize students with tests and exams.

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